ANTON LAJOVIC (1878-1960): My Fatherland, Jamie, Come Try Me, Serenade, ALOJZIJ GERZINIC (1915-2008): Sad Letter, Autumn Song, Dusk, Spring Delight, LUCIJAN MARIJA SKERJANC (1900-1973): Autumn Song, Vision, Evening Impression, Moon over Mountain Pass, Song, White Clouds, JOSIP PAVCIC (1870-1949): Grandpa Single-Leg, Lullaby No. 2, Ciciban, Cicifu, BENJAMIN IPAVEC (1829-1908): Spring Rest, In the Night, Wild Rose and Ivy, Spring Night, Poppy Glows, Ladybird, In a Memorial Book, Spring Breeze, ZORKO PRELVEC (1887-1939): Autumn Night, KAMILO MASEK (1831-1859): Under the Window, FRAN GERBIC (1840-1917): Where?, I'll Watch the Girls Spinning, In the Night, EMIL ADAMIC (1877-1936): Primroses, Lullaby, DAVORIN JENKO (1835-1914): Abroad.

Catalogue Number: 04M059

Label: Harmonia Mundi

Reference: HMC 902065

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: This is likely to be your first Slovenian art-song collection, isn't it? In the far southeastern corner of the Austro-Hungarian empire, Slovenia was slow to receive musical news from the center of the empire, Vienna and, well into the late 19th century, the small number of Slovenian composers were still trying to assimilate 18th and 19th century European song styles into their own personal voices. Needless to say, everything here is plainly tonal and a glance at the titles will show a propensity for setting poetry about nature. A few folk-influenced pieces are also on offer while the Argentinian-Slovene Gerzinic provides the most recent compositions, three of which are associated with the pain and longing of the exile. Slovenian-English texts. Bernarda Fink (mezzo), Marcos Fink (bass-baritone), Anthony Spiri (piano).


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