PAVEL LAMBERT MASEK (1761-1826): Oboe Quartets in G and in C, JOSEF FIALA (1748-1816): Sonata for Oboe and Violin in G, LUBOMÍR KOZELUHA (1918-2008): Adagio for Oboe and Piano, PAVEL COTEK (b.1922): 8 Miniatures for Solo Oboe, CTIRAD KOHOUTEK (b.1929): Sonatina semplice for Oboe and Piano, JIRÍ TEML (b.1935): Fantazie a rondo for Oboe and Violin, EDVARD SCHIFFAUER (b.1942): Fairytale about Love for Solo Oboe.

Catalogue Number: 04M036

Label: Centaur

Reference: CRC 3079

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: A program to make collectors shriek, I know, but we put it here since 32 of the disc's 76 minutes belong to the Bohemian Classical period. If it helps, Kohoutek's 1950 Sonatine and Kozeluha's 1985 Adagio are both firmly tonal while the rest are not particularly avant-garde either... Marlen Vavríková (oboe), Víteszlav Cernoch (violin), Paul Swantek (viola), Pablo Mahave-Veglia (cello), Rachel Jensen (piano).


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