DONALD TOVEY (1875-1940): Piano Quartet in E Minor, Op. 12 (Ormesby Ensemble), Piano Trio in D, Op. 27 (London Piano Trio), Sonata Eroica for Solo Violin, Op. 29 (Robert Atchison [violin]).

Catalogue Number: 04M012

Label: Guild

Reference: GMCD 7352

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: Collectors who bought the Toccata Classics disc of early piano trios (11K074) will get even more Brahmsian warmth and melody in the somewhat later piano quartet (1900) and the fairly later trio (1910); gorgeous old-fashioned stuff. What's unusual though is the Sonata Eroica: can you name another Romantic English composer who wrote a 24-minute, four-movement sonata for solo violin?  This was written for Adolph Busch in 1913 and Tovey pulls out all the virtuosic stops in the outer movements (the finale proves his contrapuntal mastery) while showing a welcome sense of humor in the scherzo and provides a beautifully relaxed Andante tranquillo. World Premiere Recordings.


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