NIELS GADE (1817-1890): Complete Piano Trios - Trio in F, Op. 42, Novelettes, Op. 29, Discarded Finale to the Novelettes in A Minor, 1st movement of a Piano Trio in B Flat, Scherzo for Piano Quartet in C Sharp Minor.

Catalogue Number: 04M007

Label: MD&G

Reference: 303 1655-2

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Gade wrote only one mature piano trio - the four-movement F major piece from 1863, a civilized "conversation" among the instrumentalists in a non-dramatic, non-Romantic Classical style. But the 12-minute first movement of his first attempt (1839) survives and this was a programmatic work of high Romanticism where Mendelssohn and Schumann are plain influences, as they are in the nine-minute piano quartet scherzo of 1836 and the five movements which make up the 1853, rev. 1854 Novelettes which are joined here by the 1853 version's original finale. Trio Parnassus, Thomas Selditz (viola - Scherzo).


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