PAUL GRAENER (1872-1944): Complete Piano Trios - Suite, Op. 19, Kammermusikdichtung, Op. 20, Trio, Op 61, Theodor-Storm-Musik for Piano Trio and Baritone, Op. 93 (Albrecht Pöhl [baritone]).

Catalogue Number: 04M006

Label: CPO

Reference: 777 599

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: Graener's early (undated but probably pre-1904) suite has the sparkling, vernal freshness of the young Grieg but the remaining works are far more serious. The 20-minute "Chamber Music Poem" from 1906 is under the shadow of the death of the composer's young son and thus has an autumnal, Brahmsian aspect; the 1921 trio a similarly dark adagio but cheerful enough surrounding movements while the Theodor-Storm-Musik (1932) (the majority of its 13 minutes are instrumental - the short song setting comes at the end) captures the violence-laden, oppressive atmosphere of that time to a T. German-English texts.


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