BRIAN FERNEYHOUGH (b.1943): Flurries, Trittico per G.S., Incipits, Coloratura, In Nomine a 3, Allgebrah.

Catalogue Number: 04K114

Label: Metier

Reference: msv28504

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: The composer's description of the motivation of the schizophrenic artist Adolf Wölfli, which relates specifically to Ferneyhough's 1996 Allgebrah, provides an appropriate analogy for the teeming complexity of all the works here: "the obsessive record of a beleaguered psyche's attempt to ritually enunciate the conditions of a universe annulling the one which his body was absurdly constrained to inhabit'. With his avoidance of blank space and constant overlapping, interlayering and interrelating of diverse material in highly organized manner, intriguingly mirrors the intricate and elaborate alternative worlds that schizophrenics typically build for themselves. To stretch this analogy perhaps a bit too far, the structure of Incipits constantly introduces new material - a succession of 'beginnings' overlapping and superimposed upon previous material, in the manner in which a schizophrenic has to continually update his or her personal universe to include observations from surrounding 'real life'; while In Nomine a 3 exhaustively re-examines a fragment of a 16th-century In Nomine by Christopher Tye, in the kind of detail present in Wölfli's paintings. As usual in Ferneyhough, instrumental technique is taken to the limit, and the broadest range of expressive devices is subjected to precise formal frameworks. Ensemble Exposé; Roger Redgate.


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