RICCARDO ZANDONAI (1883-1944): Francesca da Rimini.

Catalogue Number: 04K082

Label: Arthaus Musik

Reference: 101 363

Format: DVD

Price: $28.98

No Longer Available

Description: From Dante via D'Anunnzio and Tito Ricordi, Zandonai's masterwork was premiered in 1914. The libretto is familiar enough: a brother falls hopelessly in love with his own deformed brother's wife who returns his passion. A third, degenerate, brother discovers this, attempts blackmail, fails, betrays them and they are murdered by the cuckolded husband. But here, the heavily erotic atmosphere of D'Anunnzio's play becomes melancholy and oppressed. A powerful gift for Italian melody and strong, Straussian orchestration create gripping and, in certain places where an ancient atmosphere is evoked, quite magical effects. English subtitles. Daniela Dessi (soprano), Fabio Armiliato (tenor), Alberto Mastromarino (baritone), Chor Lirico Marchigiano "V. Bellini", Orchestra Filarmonica Marchigiana; Maurizio Barbacini. 4:3 format. Dolby Digital 5/1, DTS 5.1 or PCM Stereo. NTSC. Region 0. 137 min.


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