WILHELM FRIEDEMANN BACH (1710-1784): Symphonies in F "Dissonanzen", Falck 67, in D Minor, Falck 65, Sinfonias from the Cantatas for Pentecost Dies ist der Tag in D, Falck 64 and Ertönet, ihr seligen Völker in F, Falck 88, Sinfonia in D from the Cantata for Ascension Day Wo geht die Lebensreise hin, Falck 91, Sinfonia in G from the Christmas Cantata O Wunder, Falck 92, Suite in G Minor, BWV 1070.

Catalogue Number: 04K036

Label: Berlin Classics

Reference: 0155012BC

Format: CD

Price: $12.98

Description: When first issued 15 years ago, this represented the complete symphonies of W.F. Bach (others known to exist had probably disappeared into the Soviet Union with the archives of the Berlin Singakademie after World War II and, if they've been returned, they've not been recorded yet). Whether stand-alone works like the four-movement Dissonant or single-movement works prefacing cantatas, the stylistic heterogeneity and interest in new ideas mark W.F. out as a worthy partner of his younger brother C.P.E. Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Chamber Orchestra; Hartmut Haenchen. Original 1994 Berlin Classics release.


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