The Flemish Connection, Vol. 7 AUGUST DE BOECK (1865-1937): Violin Concerto, Nocturne, In the Barn (compl. Emmanuel Geeurickx), Suite from the Opera The Little King of the Rhine (arr. Frits Celis), Fantasy on Two Flemish Folk Songs, Dahomeyan Rhapsody.

Catalogue Number: 04J003

Label: Etcetera

Reference: KTC 4024

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

No Longer Available

Description: The longest work here is the violin concerto, whose slow movement dates from 1912 but which was apparently not completely finished until 1934 and not performed in De Boeck's lifetime. The main theme of the first movement is one of those which will make you wonder why this isn't a world-famous concerto, and the one in the finale will remind you of a very famous 19th century violin concerto while the nine-minute slow movement has a lovely melodic theme which leads to a dramatic climax. The 1931 Nocturne is in an Impressionistic vein, shot through with iridescent harmonic color, In the Barn a little five-minute tone-picture which as De Boeck's last orchestral work. The Fantasy (1923) is a concise, seven-minute piece full of boisterous humor and orchestral color while the suite of music from the failed 1906 opera provides 19 minutes of music far stronger than, apparently, the opera's libretto. Ning Kam (violin), Flemish Radio Orchestra; Marc Soustrot.


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