RAYMOND HANSON (1913-1976): Complete Piano Music - On Holidays, Op. 1, Quizzic, Op. 9, Sonatina, Op. 26, Sonata, Op. 12, Idylle in D, Op.15, Procrastination, Op. 8, 5 Pieces, Episodes on an English Folk Song “Tarry Trousers”, Op. 24, Balmoral Beach, The Garden Seat, 6 Preludes, Op. 11, Flight, My Day, Op. 43, 5 Portraits, Op. 23.

Catalogue Number: 03W056

Label: Grand Piano

Reference: GP860-61

Format: CD

Price: $24.98

Description: The piano works of this largely self-taught composer are unparalleled in 20th-century Australian music. Ranging over four decades they exemplify an iconoclastic spirit whose spontaneous writing is accompanied by a visionary wit and dynamism. The sophistication and originality of his piano compositions is especially remarkable considering how little formal training he received. During his lifetime these works were performed by several renowned pianists, including Walter Gieseking, Rudolf Firkušný and Ignaz Friedman. This premier complete collection of Hanson’s piano oeuvre includes the Piano Sonata of 1938-40 – one of his greatest works, inspired by the fall of Paris, full of restless motoric rhythms and reflective contrasts. All but that sonata, the Preludes and the Episodes are first recordings. 2 CDs. Tonya Lemoh (piano).


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