WILLIAM CORBETT (1680-1748): Le Bizarrie Universali: L’Inglese and Alla Bolognese, Sonata for Trumpet and Oboe, Op. 1/12, OBADIAH SHUTTLEWORTH (c.1675-1734): Concerti Grossi Nos. I and XI, JOHANN CHRISTOPH PEPUSCH (1667-1752): Kindly fate at length release me, The Spring, Chloe, While pale Britannia pensive sate.

Catalogue Number: 03W021

Label: Delphian

Reference: DCD34236

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: A picture of the rapid arrival and astonishing success of Italian styles, genres and musicians in London in the early 1700s, showing that a vibrant, cosmopolitan scene had arisen in the capital even before the arrival of Handel on British shores in 1710. Shuttleworth’s concerti grossi are inventive reimaginings of violin sonatas by Corelli, and Corbett’s infectious Bizarrie Universali show how a composer who had spent extensive time on the Continent could trade on his Italian connections to win favor with audiences in his native land. Texts included. Ciara Hendrick (mezzo), Spiritato; Kinga Ujszászi.


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