JACQUES OFFENBACH (1809-1880): Maître Péronilla.

Catalogue Number: 03V040

Label: Bru Zane

Reference: BZ1039

Format: CD

Price: $36.98

Description: ‘There is more Spain in Offenbach’s brain than in Spain itself’, said a journalist entranced by Maître Péronilla. Understandably so, given the charm and humor of this operetta in which no fewer than twenty-two characters are kept busy unravelling a preposterously complicated love story. And the libretto is all the better for having been penned by the composer himself. Castanets, tambourines and triangle merrily punctuate one of Offenbach’s last scores, which multiplies impressive vocal ensembles while not renouncing intimate numbers of great poetry. 2 CDs. + book. French-English libretto. Véronique Gens, Chantal Santon-Jeffery (sopranos), Éric Huchet (tenor), Tassis Christoyannis (baritone), Chœur de Radio France, Orchestre National de France; Markus Poschner.


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