MARC BLITZSTEIN (1905-1964): Waterfall: Barcarolle*, Prelude in C Minor*, Valse*, Children’s Dances*, Belly-Ache (A “Blues”) from Svarga*, Percussion Music for the Piano, Scherzo: Bourgeois at Play*, Cain: Ballet*, Cantabile from Piano Solo*, Le Monde Libre: March on a French Resistance Tune*, Show (The Guests): Ballet, Innocent Psalm - for the Bernstein Baby*, Slow March - for Kit’s Wedding*, Wedding Piece - for Stephen & Joyce*, Lied - for Ben Cooper and his Women*, Sonata. * - First Recordings.

Catalogue Number: 03U049

Label: Toccata Classics

Reference: TOCC 0438

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Blitzstein is best known for his left-leaning stage works but he was also a fine pianist and wrote for the instrument all through his career. This album offers a conspectus of 45 years of Blitzstein’s music, from lyrical juvenilia via spiky protest pieces and jazzy dance numbers to intimate ‘family’ pieces for close friends. The pianist is the Blitzstein expert Leonard Lehrman, whom Leonard Bernstein called ‘Blizstein’s dybbuk’, and who for decades has been one of the leading Blitzstein scholars. Leonard Lehrman (piano).


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