HENRIËTTE BOSMANS (1895-1952): Cello Sonata, 3 Songs, VALLY WEIGL (1894-1982): Toccatina for Piano, 3 Songs from Songs Newly Seen in the Dusk, 2 Songs, CHARLOTTE SCHLESINGER (1909-1976): 5 Gesänge (Nos. 2-4), VÍTĚSLAVA KAPRÁLOVÁ (1915-1940): Ritournelle, Op. 25, 3 songs from Für Immer, Op. 121-3, Liebesliedchen, Op. 18/7, BOHUSLAV MARTINŮ (1890-1959): Liebesliedchen, H 259.

Catalogue Number: 03U048

Label: Gramola

Reference: 99183

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Bosmans’ late Romantic cello sonata from 1919 (which we had once before 7 years ago on a now-defunct label) is the main attraction on this recital of songs written by various Jewish (except Kaprálová?) women composers most of whom fled the Nazis but ended up forgotten footnotes in music history. No texts. Hermine Haselböck (mezzo), Franz Bartolomey (cello), Clemens Zeilinger (piano).


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