ERIC COATES (1886-1957): Little Boy Blue, Sleepy Lagoon, I Pitch My Lonely Caravan at Night, Bird Songs at Eventide, The Scent of Lilac, The Fairy Tales of Ireland, The Mill o’Dreams, Dreams of London, Song of the Little Folk, Reuben Ranzo, Sea Rapture, The Green Hills of Somerset, Always as I Close My Eyes, Tell Me Where is Fancy Bred, 4 Old English Songs, Our Little Home, I Heard You Singing, By the North Sea, At Daybreak, Stars and a Crescent Moon, Rise Up and Reach the Stars, Homeward to You.

Catalogue Number: 03U046

Label: SOMM

Reference: CD 0192

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: The dreamy reverie of Coates’ signature song, Sleepy Lagoon, so evocative of a more innocent age, is matched here by the carefree rustic knowingness of Reuben Ranzo, the Four Old English Songs, the affecting melancholia of The Green Hills of Somerset and the exquisite four-part song cycle The Mill o’ Dreams. Coates belongs to an era of gentler music-making but a no less passionate and emotional one as evidenced by Sea Rapture and I Pitch My Lonely Caravan. English nostalgia delivered by an up-and-coming new English singer. Texts included. Kathryn Rudge (mezzo), Christopher Glynn (piano).


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