More vintage Orfeo reissues

PEDRO ÉTIENNE SOLÈRE (1753-1817): Clarinet Concerto in B Flat “Concerto Espagnole” (Dieter Klöcker [clarinet], Prague Chamber Orchestra. 1999 release), FRANZ ANTON HOFFMEISTER (1754-1812): Grande Sinfonie, Op. 14 “La Chasse”, ANTONIO ROSETTI (1750-1792): Symphony in D “La Chasse” (Vienna Volksoper Chamber Orchestra; Christoph Campestrini, 1997 releases), JOSEPH MARTIN KRAUS (1756-1792): Symphony in C Minor (Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra; Martin Sieghart. 1992 release), JAN KŘTITEL VAŇHAL (1739-1813): Symphony in D, Bryan D4 (Prague CO Václav Neumann. 1995 release), FRANTIŠEK BENDA (1709-1786): Flute Concerto in E Minor (András Adorján [flute], Ars Rediviva Ensemble Prague; Milan Munclinger. 1986 release), LEOPOLD KOŽELUCH (1747-1818): Cassation in E Flat, ANTONIO SALIERI (1750-1825): La grotta di Trofonio (both Consortium Classicum. 1998 release).

Catalogue Number: 03U022

Label: Orfeo

Reference: MP 1805

Format: CD reissue

Price: $14.98

Description: “Masters of the Mozart Era” brings you modern-instrument recordings from 1986-1998 of orchestral works by Mozart contemporaries who were less well-recorded then than they are now (although you won’t find the Solère anywhere else). 2 CDs.


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