KUZMA BODROV (b.1980): Partita for Clarinet and String Trio, SANZHAR BAITEREKOV (b.1987): outlines of [Steiermark] for Clarinet, String Trio and Electronics, ANNA ROMASHKOVA (b.1985): Partly Cloudy for Clarinet, String Trio and Piano, DENIS KHOROV (b.1989): Music for Oneself. Vienna for Clarinet and Piano Trio.

Catalogue Number: 03T080

Label: Melodiya

Reference: MEL CD 10 02511

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: This is effectively a musical travelogue of Austria, for some reason comprising pieces by four Russian-ish composers who all took their inspiration from places in Austria. The Austrian Tourist Board is credited for their support of the project. The travel magazine landscape photographs in the booklet are attractive, and so is Bodrov's uncomplicated Partita, six short movements of Baroque pastiche with dissonant 'wrong' notes here and there to establish its modernist credentials. Kazakh composer Baiterekov's incomprehensible programme note suggests that his piece's structure is based on geographical co-ordinates, or something. It consists of electronic drones and tones to which the acoustic instruments add ever-increasingly frantic fusillades of tremolando figuration, in four movements of virtually identical duration. In her note, Romashkova invokes Lehar, Strauß, Brahms and Bruckner by association with the mountainous region that inspired her piece, but you can't hear them in the music (although supposedly a theme from the Kaiserwaltzer runs in slow motion through the piano part). The piece comprises a loose assemblage of fragmentary instrumental gestures. Khorov's evocation of Vienna returns to the realm of traditional music. Here a tapestry of allusions to Viennese classics is woven into an agreeable, gentle, vaguely new-age meditation on the history and culture of the city. New Moscow Ensemble.


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