JAROSLAV KRČEK (b.1939): Aramaic Lord’s Prayer, Mass No. 10, Ne tempori credideris, O lux mundi.

Catalogue Number: 03T065

Label: ArcoDiva

Reference: UP0202-2 131

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Given Krček's stated intent for his works, for "an era full of noise, haste and worry [to be given] harmony, certainty, ... beauty, nobility of mind and spirituality", it is hardly surprising that he would have a particular aptitude for religious choral and vocal music, as evinced here. And if that description feels disconcertingly new-agey, the music doesn't; this is after all a composer well into his 70s with a background in electronic music and other contemporary developments, alongside his extensive work in the field of folk music research, composition and performance. The trend toward this goal seems to have started as long ago as the 1980s, as it encompasses all the works here as well as those on the companion volume above. These pieces are all very tonal, with distinct inflections of folk and traditional music; there are frequent echoes of Janáček, and the ancient Slavic culture common to both composers' music. The Mass is devotional and largely consonant though with considerable harmonic originality, and in the lively Sanctus the sudden, surprisingly jaunty appearance of a conga, lending an unexpected, modern folk music feel to this jubilant movement. "Do not trust time" and especially "O, Light of the World", the latter setting texts by J.A. Komenský, both from the mid-1980s make freer use of dissonance, though within a very tonal context, and are more dramatic, questioning, and emotionally complex than the more recent works. Vocal soloists, Czech Girls’ Choir Jitro, Gentlemen Singers, Iuventus pedagogica, Musica Bohemica Prague, Slovak Chamber Orchestra.


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