MARIANNA BOTTINI (1802-1858): Concertone for Piano and Full Orchestra, Clarinet Concerto, ALESSANDRO ROLLA (1757-1841): Viola Concerto, BI 552 (orch. Claudio Valenti).

Catalogue Number: 03T037

Label: Tactus

Reference: TC 800008

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Bottini composed quite a bit between 1815 and her career-ending marriage in 1823 and these two concertos are from the later years of that period. Both are in Allegro-Adagio-Theme with Variations form and there are prominent parts in the piano work for flute and clarinet. Amateur pieces but attractive and, of course, a new female composer discovery. Rolla’s concerto exists only in the soloist’s part and hsa been provided with a string orchestra accompaniment by the viola professor at the conservatory whose orchestra performs on this disc. Gianni Bicchierini (piano), Remo Pieri (clarinet), Tommaso Valenti (viola), Orchestra dell’Istituto Musicale “Luigi Boccherini” di Lucca; Gianpaolo Mazzoli.


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