LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN (1770-1827): Complete Early Variations - 32 in C Minor (original theme), WoO80, 5 in D (Rule Britannia), WoO79, 7 in D (God save the King), 6 in G (original theme), WoO77, 8 in F (Süssmayr’s Tändeln und Scherzen), WoO76, 7 in F (Winter’s opera Das unterbrochene Opferfest), WoO75, 6 in D (four hands on Ich denke dein), WoO74, 10 in B Flat (Salieri’s air La stessa la stessissima), WoO73, 8 in C (Grétry’s air Un fievre brûlante), WoO72, 12 in A (Russian Dance from Vranicky’s ballet Das Waldmädchen), WoO71, 6 in G (Paisiello’s air Nel cor più non mi sento), WoO70, 9 in A (Paisiello’s air Quant’è più bello), WoO69, 12 in C (Menuet à la Viganò from Haibel’s ballet Le nozze disturbate), WoO68, 8 in C (for four hands on theme by Count Waldstein), WoO67, 13 in A (Dittersdorf’s air Es war einmal ein alter Mann) , WoO66, 24 in D (Righini’s air Venni amore), WoO65, 6 in F (a Swiss air), WoO64, 9 in C Minor (march by Dressler), WoO63.

Catalogue Number: 03T031

Label: Brilliant Classics

Reference: 95425

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: All the theme-with-variation sets for solo and four hands piano that were not included in the main catalogue of Beethoven's compositions. Five different fortepianos are used: J. Böhm 1823, Walter & Sohn 1805 (originals), A. Walter 1789, A. Walter 1792 and J.A. Stein 1788 (copies). 3 CDs. Alessandro Commellato (fortepiano), Elena Costa (four hands), Sonja Angelina Krenn (soprano - WoO74).


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