LUDOMIR MICHAŁ ROGOWSKI (1881-1954): The Glimmering Sea, Impressions of Dubrovnik, Symphony No. 4.

Catalogue Number: 03T001

Label: Cantus (Croatia)

Reference: 8898496232

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: Music really needs to be the universal language here since the booklet notes are only in Serbo-Croatian and Polish. But we can tell you that Rogowski, a Pole, studied composition under Zygmunt Noskowski and spent many years studying and conducting around Europe before taking Yugoslavia as his home for the rest of his life in 1926 when he was appointed director of the conservatory in Dubrovnik. The works recorded here date, in the order listed above, from 1952, 1950 and 1943. The style is very conservatively Romantic (with the obligatory storm in Glimmering Sea’s last section) but Rogowski was also straight and to the point: the symphony, in four movements, is just under 12 minutes long and the suites, each in five sections, are 11 and 18 minutes long. The symphony makes much use of wind and brass for dashes of color and you really do want to hear it again right away to try to figure out how a symphony from the mid 20th century can be that short and that satisfying. Think of Rogowski as the anti-Siegmund von Hausegger. Croatian Radio and Television Orchestra; Tomislav Fačini.


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