JEAN ROGER-DUCASSE (1873-1954): Barcarolles Nos. 1 and 2, Rythmes, Prélude in A Minor, Chant de l’Aube, Sonorités, 6 Préludes, Impromptu, Romance, 4 Études, Petite Suite (arr. Jacques Charlot [1884-1915]).

Catalogue Number: 03S007

Label: Grand Piano

Reference: GP724

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Just a year ago, we offered a three-disc set of Roger-Ducasse’ complete piano music (see 03R045 for a blurb ending with an excerpted Gramophone review saying in part “...a bewildering stimulation for jaded palates ... a tireless elabortion often within a slow tempo (lent, lentment and très lent are frequent instructions) and a preference for subdued, darker regions of the imagination”. For those of you wanting another interpretation or who didn’t want to go for the whole set, here’s an ample 78-minute chunk. Joel Hastings (piano).


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