Portuguese Piano Trios, Vol. 1

LUIZ COSTA (1879-1960): Piano Trio, Op. 15, CLAÚDIO CARNEYRO (1895-1963): Piano Trio, Op. 24, SÉRGIO AZEVEDO (b.1968): Hukvaldy Trio.

Catalogue Number: 03R047

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.573402

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: Two delightful early 20th-century trios are the main attraction for collectors of conservative tonal music. Costa, also a pianist, studied in Germany but his 1937 trio is quite neo-classical but not of the spiky, Stravinskian kind, more French, elegant and conscious of tone color and communicating emotion. Carneyro studied under Widor and Dukas and his 1928 trio is striking for how much contrapuntal mileage he gets out of a childish, folk-like tune (reminiscent of a tarantella at first) in a 14-minute first movement of a work which is only 22 minutes in all, it being followed by a short, nostalgic Interlúdio Romanesco and an even shorter, impressionistic Variações sobre Syrinx. Azevedo’s 2013 trio is based on an earlier piano quartet which itself was based on music from Janáček’s piano cycle In the Mist; what you get is an increasingly distant impression of Janáček and Moravian folk music filtered through several tonal and atonal layers of musical modernism. Trio Pangea.


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