JOSEF BOHUSLAV FOERSTER (1859-1951): Complete Piano Music - Dreaming, Op. 47, Roses of Remembrance, Op. 49, Evening Music, Op. 79, Charcoal Sketches, Op. 136, Impressions, Op. 73, The Masks of Eros, Op. 98, Osenice Suite, Op. 129, Jicín Suite, Op. 124, And the Apple Trees Blossomed, Op. 52, The Day, Op. 153b, Miniatures, Op. 17, Pages from My Diary, Op. 18b, Greetings to President T.G. Masaryk on his 80th Birthday, Bagatella, Melodie, Lullaby, 2 Pieces for the Left Hand, Op. 142, Esquisses de dance, Op. 48, Music for my Young Son, Op. 72, Memories of Youth, Petites esquisses, Moment musicale, Allegretto Capriccioso, Spring Moods, Op. 4, Allegro and Scherzo, Op. 5, March for the National Youth Front, Wiegenlied, Zuckerpuppe tanzt.

Catalogue Number: 03P063

Label: Brilliant Classics

Reference: 9283

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: Foerster's romantic idiom is drenched in Bohemian folklore, the world of fairytales and woodland landscapes, picturesque, charming and witty. Though purely romantic, Foerster's harmonies are often personal and quite daring, foreshadowing his successor Martinu. As you can see from the titles, these are small-scale works, mostly in suites with 1912's Masks of Eros the only one demanding virtuoso technique (it's an 18-minute theme-and-variations). Many were written for or dedicated to particular individuals and the titles of two - Impressions and Pages from my Diary - may remind you of Fibich and his much larger corpus of piano music; this is fitting since Foerster and Fibich were friends. Plenty of attractive stuff here for collectors of Czech music.


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