KNUDÅGE RIISAGER (1897-1974): The Symphonic Edition, Vol. 3 - Sinfonia gaia, Op. 38 (Symphony No. 4), Sinfonia serena, Op. 52 (Symphony No. 5), Sinfonia concerante for Strings, Op. 34, Summer Rhapsody (on Danish folk melodies).

Catalogue Number: 03P002

Label: Dacapo

Reference: 8.226158

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: A bright, refreshing neo-classicism (or neo-baroqueism) are on display in three of these works where rhythm is the prime mover in front of harmony or thematic development even though one of them might seem mis-titled: the Sinfonia gaia of 1939-40 was written at a time of political unrest and Riisager himself suggested that the three movements could have the titles "Defiance", "Gracefulness"and "Courage". Standing apart is the rather Romantic Summer Rhapsody of 1943 (again, beautiful things happening in a time of war) which opens like an English folk-song rhapsody and continues in the same manner only with a potpourri of authentic Danish themes. Aarhus Symphony Orchestra; Bo Holten.


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