CLAUDIO AMBROSINI (b.1948): Rondò di forza, Apocrifo, Ballo in ottava rima, Ciaccona, Impromptu, 3 Notturni, Preludio, a sguardi, Épater! Épater!, Improvviso No. 2, Ballo italiano, Grande ballo futurista.

Catalogue Number: 03N081

Label: Stradivarius

Reference: STR 33908

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: A robust, physical energy is a central characteristic of Ambrosini's piano style. Most of these pieces are formed of a limited number of gestures, and linear, contrapuntal writing is largely absent; instead, scintillating, coruscating virtuosic flamboyance propels the pieces relentlessly forward. This is not to say that textures are always dense, nor that the vocabulary is atonal and redolent of new complexity; adherence to repeated intervals, even octaves, and triadic (non functional) harmonies give even the most vigorous pieces a sense of underlying tonality and a feeling of Romantic expression. There is also a sensual approach to sound - the work for disklavier, building up layers of trills unplayable by human hands, becomes an impressionistic wash of color; preparation of the pianos and direct contact on the stings, or the dramatic change in tone color produced by the mute pedal of the upright piano all contribute to the tactile physicality of the composer's approach to the instrument. Aldo Orvieto (piano).


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