ALESSANDRO SBORDONI (b.1948): Sirius for Bayan and Orchestra (RAI National Symphony Orchestra; Arturo Tamayo), Virgo for Bass Clarinet and Bayan (Guido Arbonelli [bass clarinet]), A.D.C.E. for Bayan, Meine Freude for Bayan, My J for Saxophone, Piano, Bayan and Double Bass (Gruppo Progetto AleaNova), Altro tempo for Bayan.

Catalogue Number: 03N080

Label: Stradivarius

Reference: STR 33905

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Sbordoni's pieces are strongly, though not conservatively, tonal and thoroughly accessible, with an appealing rhythmic energy sometimes explicitly related to jazz, as in the ensemble work My J, and sometimes sounding more in the style of motoric, driven post-minimalist propulsiveness. Rich chordal sonorities and the instrument's capacity for mellifluous melody and accompaniment are fully explored in the solo works. These traits are brought together impressively in the most recent work, the striking half-hour concerto Sirius, with its exuberant solo part traversing many styles and ably holding its own in often confrontational dialogue with a determinedly propulsive, richly colorful orchestral narrative. Alternating blazing virtuosity with lush, seductive intimacy, the instrument never fails to convince as an eloquent and versatile soloist. Germano Scurti (bayan).


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