LEONARDO BALADA (b.1933): Caprichos No. 1 for Guitar and Orchestra "Homage to Federica García Lorca" and No. 5 for Cello and Orchestra "Homage to Isaac Albéniz", A Little Night Music in Harlem, Reflejos for Flute and Orchestra.

Catalogue Number: 03N076

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.572625

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: Four more examples of one of Balada's favorite means of creation - taking music by other composers and transforming it using various contemporary techniques, including aleatory devices, tone clusters, textures, atonality, etc. to produce something which is like Lorca's folk-songs or Albéniz' piano pieces refracted through a fun-house mirror. Mozart gets similar treatment in A Little Night Music while Reflejos, the oldest piece here (1988), is actually the most intensely expressive, its two movements called "Sorrow" and "Happiness", both benfiting from the composer's use of moderist techniques. Bertrand Piétu (guitar), Aldo Mata (cello), Tatiana Franco (flute), Iberian Chamber Orchestra; José Luis Temes.


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