GIOACHINO ROSSINI (1792-1868): Overtures to La Gazza ladra and L'Italiana in Algeri (transcr. Richard Kleinmichel [1849-1901]), Overture to Guillaume Tell (transcr. Louis Moreau Gottschalk [1829-1869]), Overture, Largo al factotum, All'idea di quel metallo, Una voce poco fa, Dunque io son and A un Dottor della mia sorte (transcr. Arnold Schoenberg [1874-1951]).

Catalogue Number: 03N042

Label: Pavane

Reference: ADW 7540

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: First recordings of opera transcriptions by Kleinmichel, who produced many such things in the late 19th century, Gottschalk and, of course the most surprising, 35 minutes of music from Il Barbiere by a 29-year-old Schoenberg who needed to pay the bills and eat... Duo Solot.


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