CHRISTOPH GRAUPNER (1683-1760): Passion Cantatas Wir wissen, dass Trübsal Geduld bringet, Wo gehet Jesus hin?, Freund, warum bist Du kommen?, Mein Gott! Mein Gott! Warum hast Du mich verlassen?.

Catalogue Number: 03N023

Label: Carus

Reference: 83.457

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: World premiere recordings of late cantatas from the 1730s and 40s, all to texts concerned with contemplation of the Passion leading to grounds for joyful gratitude. Graupner's music follows this "darkness to light" topos by beginning with baroque rhetoric, minor keys and employing dissonance and ending with gently buoyant major harmonies which anticipate the galant style. German-English texts. Anton Webern Choir Freiburg, Ensemble Concerto Grosso; Hans Michael Beuerle.


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