KAI NIEMINEN (b.1953): Il viaggio del cavaliere... (inesistente) A Legend for Violin and Orchestra, In Mirrors of Time... (through colours of autumn) for Orchestra, La Serenissima (per la memoria per una storia...) for Viola, Harp and 12 Strings.

Catalogue Number: 03M089

Label: Pilfink Records

Reference: JJVCD-79

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Oddly enough, this release from a Finnish label new to the U.S. is a sequel to the Naxos release we offered in May 2009 (05K097) since Il viaggio is part of a three-work trilogy begun by the two concertante works there. These pieces are freely fantastic in form, and display a kind of painterly neo-impressionism in idiom, full of nature images and the evocation of sounds of nature, light and shadow (the subtitles of the movements of the violin work are derived from Cervantes and Italo Calvino's "The Nonexistent Knight" while those of La Serenissima describe, not surprisingly, aspects of Venice). Erkki Palola (violin, viola), Anni Kuusimäki (harp), Pori Sinfonietta; Jukka Iisakkila.


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