LUCIANO BERIO (1925-2003): Chamber Music for Female Voice, Clarinet, Cello and Harp, 2 pezzi for Violin and Piano, Différences for 5 Instruments and Tape, Sequenza III for Female Voice, Sequenza VII for Oboe.

Catalogue Number: 03M080

Label: Newton Classics

Reference: 8802040

Format: CD

Price: $12.98

No Longer Available

Description: This reissue of a long unavailable Philips LP is of considerable historical value, as it features the original performers for whom these seminal works were written. 'Différences' is a superb early example of electroacoustic music, with the ensemble's music pre-recorded and electronically transformed, and then replayed as a counterpoint to the live performance. Its integration of acoustic and electronic phenomena are remarkable for their time - late 1960s - and the work remains dramatically effective even in these more technologically sophisticated times. The 'Due pezzi' are early, showing the influence of Dallapiccola, and Berio's evolution as an independent voice can be charted through the Joyce settings of 'Chamber Music' to the formidably virtuosic voice and oboe (with ghostly tape 'drone') Sequenze, character-portraits both of their volatile and brilliant interpreters. Cathy Berberian (soprano), Heinz Holliger (oboe), Juilliard Ensemble. Original 1970 Philips LP release.


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