ANTONIO ROSETTI (c.1750-1792): Symphonies in D (Murray A 19) and C (A6), Piano Concertos in G (C2) and in G (C3).

Catalogue Number: 03L039

Label: Tacet

Reference: 67

Format: CD

Price: $20.98

Description: This is the first time we've offered anything on the Tacet label and this 10-year-old release, never widely available in the U.S., offers two symphonies and one piano concerto not otherwise available here on disc. The C major symphony, at 23 minutes twice as long as the other one, is a full-scale late work which will delight collectors of the Classical symphony; ditto for the C3 piano concerto. Nerine Barrett (piano), Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra; Johannes Moesus. 1999 release.


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