GIACOMO MANZONI (b.1932): 12 versi di Emily Dickenson for Soprano, String Quartet, 2 Harps and 10 Strings (Lilia Shalomei [soprano], Moldavian Chamber Orchestra), Scene Sinfoniche per il Doktor Faustus for Chorus and Orchestra (Moldavian National Philharmonic Chorus and Orchestra; Daniel Pacitti), Preludio - "Grave" di Waring Cuney - Finale for Clarinet, 3 Strings and Female Voice, Percorso GG for Clarinet and Tape, Musica Notturna for 5 Winds, Piano and Percussion, Omaggio a Josquin: Trascrizione di "Nymphes des bois..." for Female Voice and 5 Instruments (Echo Ensemble; Emilio Pomarico).

Catalogue Number: 03K108

Label: Stradivarius

Reference: STR 57009

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: The Scene sinfoniche for large orchestra bears a similar relationship to Manzoni's Doktor Faustus (after Thomas Mann) as Busoni's symphonic studies to his Faust opera, encapsulating key scenes and emotional highlights of the larger work. The musical language is largely different, of course, and as befits a work based on Mann's novel, a palpable Second-Viennese dramaturgy is evident. Elsewhere, the Darmstadt æsthetic is very much in evidence, and this is also apparent in the clusters and microtones of the instrumental parts of the other later works. Percorso GG emphasizes the use of clarinet multiphonics, expanded in the tape part through the layering of transformed clarinet sound. The earlier works - Preludio and Musica notturna - occupy a rarefied, Webernian soundworld, while the transcription-homage to Josquin Desprèz allows a glimpse of the origins of Manzoni's melodic sensibility, apparent in even the most recent and 'advanced' piece here, the 1988 Emily Dickinson setting.


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