MICHAEL DAUGHERTY (b.1954): Sunset Strip, CHRISTOPHER ROUSE (b.1949): Friandises, JOHN WILLIAMS (b.1932): Escapades for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra (Branford Marsalis [sax]), NED ROREM (b.1923): Lions (A Dream) for Jazz Quartet and Orchestra.

Catalogue Number: 03K089

Label: BIS

Reference: SACD-1644

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: Titled "American Spectrum" this new release offers three works which deal explicitly with popular music of the 20th century - from the Roaring 20s to 60s rock and jazz anyway - and one larger work (Rouse's) whose origin as a ballet score demands the rhythmic and dance elements which are filtered through the composer's personal style. Daugherty's 18-minute piece is a typically moody and busy kaleidoscope of popular musics; Williams' is drawn from his film score for Spielberg's Catch Me If You Can (the jazzy 60s nostalgia); Rorem's is the oldest (1963), a more gentle phantasmagoria prompted by a childhood dream. Rouse's 28-minute score is modeled on the French baroque suite (Intrada, Sicilienne, Passepied, Sarabande and Galop) which takes those forms and inhabits them with melodies and rhythms from American popular music. Branford Marsalis Quartet, North Carolina Symphony; Grant Llewellyn. SACD hybrid.


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