TILO MEDEK (1940-2006): Buried Rustic Flute, B-A-C-H - 4 Töne für Orgel, Broken Wings, Retrograde Passacaglia, Ember Days, Transubstantiation Passacaglia.

Catalogue Number: 03K084

Label: Cybele

Reference: 060.801

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: Modern organ music collectors should find this enjoyable. In East Germany, Medek wrote works in what might be called a "sonorous" style - using off-and-on motor action, microtones, glissandi and witty references to tradition in the first three pieces listed above. After 1976, when he emigrated to West Germany, the compositions are more neo-romantic, using forms and genres dating back to the baroque but still keeping up to date with harmonies while pulsating ostinati play a significant role in pieces from both periods. Martin Schmeding (Sauer organ of the Evangelical Resurrection Church, Düsseldorf-Oberkassel). SACD hybrid.


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