OTTO SIEGL (1896-1978): Duo-Sonate, p. 139, DARIUS MILHAUD (1892-1974): Sonatine, Op. 378, GÜNTER RAPHAEL (1903-1960): Duo, Op. 47/4, SIEGMUND SCHUL (1916-1944): 2 Hassidic Dances, Op. 15, REBECCA CLARKE (1886-1979): Lullaby and Grotesque, PAUL HINDEMITH (1895-1963): Duett, WITOLD LUTOSLAWSKI (1913-1994): Bukoliki.

Catalogue Number: 03K066

Label: Neos

Reference: 10805

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

No Longer Available

Description: "Forgotten Modernity" is the title of this viola/cello duo recital but the "modernity" is what seemed "modern" to conservatives around 1920. Thus, there in no dodecaphony here with Hindemith and Milhaud going farthest (not very far) harmonies and tonality. Other than Milhaud's 17-minute work of 1959, the other two of significant size are Siegl's 16-minute sonata (1945), filling up baroque genre bottles with late Romantic style, and Raphael's 16-minute duo from 1941 (when, stripped of his teaching posts for being "half Jewish", he was composing for the desk drawer) is a melancholy homage to Bach. Of note among the rest are Schul's two Hassidic dances, composed while he was interned in Terezín, where he later died of tuberculosis. Julia Rebekka Adler (violin), Thomas Ruge (cello). SACD hybrid.


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