ANDREA MATI/FRANCO POGGIALI BERLINGHIERI (b.1960s): Sonata for Flute and Antique Organ, Quartetto 3112 Infinito for Flute, Organ, Harp and Double Bass, Intruduzione, Tema e Variazioni for Flute, Organ, Harp and Double Bass, Colloquio Sonoro for Double Bass and Flute, Nuziale for Contrabass Flute and Accordeon, Haba con Tempo for Flute, Frammenti for Organ, for Flute, for Harp and for Double Bass.

Catalogue Number: 03J099

Label: Tactus

Reference: TC 961301

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: A collaboration between two composers, one from a background in classical performance, the other working in more experimental areas. Both have researched early Italian classical traditions, and in these attractive pieces, tonal material - melodic and harmonic - is deconstructed and recombined, within limits that allow the source material to remain entirely discernible. Sometimes the results sound like more or less authentic Baroque music, though there is a constant tendency to veer off in chromatic directions that reveal the pieces' modern origins, and even an occasional Messiaen-like chord – but relatively rarely. Not infrequently the music's engaging vitality and sudden tongue-in-cheek departures from what might be expected of the apparent material, disconcertingly suggests Poulenc - and in one jazzy piece especially, Gulda. Clever, and difficult to categorize meaningfully, this is a thoroughly enjoyable and approachable exercise, probably not intended to be taken too seriously. Opera Armonica.


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