MAURICE OHANA (1914-1992): Swan Song, Le Tombeau de Louize Labé, EDITH CANAT DE CHIZY (b.1950): Canciones, To gather paradise, ¡Diós!.

Catalogue Number: 03J090

Label: Globe

Reference: GLO 5229

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Both these composers used their vocal and choral writing to investigate the possibilities of constructing sculptural sound forms from deconstructed fragments of text, treated onomatopœically and quasi-instrumentally, Canat de Chizy being something of a follower of Ohana in this respect. The incantatory cries and instrumentalized vocalizations of Ohana's Swan Song are utilized in the presentation of a number of the composer's favorite preoccupations - early music, including mediæval madrigals and chant, Afro-Cuban rhythms and Spirituals. Canat de Chizy goes even further, with the text broken into sounds and syllables, with individual words highlighted to encapsulate the meaning of the text, standing out in beacon-like relief against the vocalized background. This simultaneous abstraction of sung text and the pure presentation of its meaning represents a new and intriguing way to treat choral writing. Spanish-English texts. Netherlands Chamber Choir; Roland Hayrabedian.


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