WILLIAM BRADE (1560-1630): 7 Dances, THOMAS CAMPION (1567-1620): The Domestication of the Animal World from The Lords' Masque, WILLIAM BYRD (c.1540-1623): Fantasia à 6, Browning à 5, HUGH ASHTON (c.1485-1558): Hugh Ashton's Maske, ELWAY BEVIN (c.1554-1638): Browning à 3, CHRISTOPHER TYE (c.1505-1571/3): In Nomine à 5 "Crye", ANON.: In Nomine à 6.

Catalogue Number: 03J016

Label: Globe

Reference: GLO 5228

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: A variety of English consort music with sources ranging from liturgical to secular and folk melodies, wrapped up with the half-hour Domestication of 1613, whose depictions of various animals are less obvious and broad than you might expect. A PAL DVD accompanies the disc with an animated representation of the Domestication, if you can play it. Brisk Recorder Quartet Amsterdam, Susanne Braumann, Saksia Coolen, Rainer Zipperling (violas da gamba), Constance Allanic (harp).


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