FRANCESCO MARIA VERACINI (1690-1768): Overtures and Concerti, Vol. 2 - Overtures I & III in B Flat, Violin Sonatas I in G and V in C, Violin Concerto in D.

Catalogue Number: 02V019

Label: CPO

Reference: 555 220-2

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: The solemn style of the overtures (1716), along with their frequent shifts of register to more exuberant and popular modes, gives way to the concision of the tutti and to the magnificent displays of virtuosity in the violin concerto of 1717 and then in the two sonatas (publ. 1721) finds expression in a chamber articulation in which refinement and contrapuntal erudition more clearly come into view. If you don’t remember, Vol. 1 was a bit over ten years ago… L’Arte dell’Arco; Federico Guglielmo (violin).


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