ENJOTT SCHNEIDER (b.1950): Berlin Punk for Saxophone Quartet and Orchestra, Cri muet (in memoriam 12-11-2015) for Soprano Saxophone, Chorus and Orchestra, Pavane - Variations on a Dance by Luis de Milán for Cor anglais and Saxophone Quartet, As Times Go Bye - Suite in Memoriam J.S. Bach for Saxophone Trio.

Catalogue Number: 02U061

Label: Wergo

Reference: WER 5119 2

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: These works don't have a great deal in common other than the way in which the immensely versatile and compositionally virtuosic composer exploits the vast range of contrast in dynamics and articulation available to his incomparably blended composite soloist, perfectly described by the name of the present ensemble, a term from painting meaning extremes of contrast in light and shadow. This applies literally to "Silent Cry", a powerful, emotionally wrenching tone poem in memory of the victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris in 2016, when 130 people were murdered. Explosive interruptions to quiet lyrical passages evoke the murderous attack, while transcribed sections from the radiant slow movement of Beethoven's 9th provides a tonal anchor suggesting hope for healing. The work is a fittingly imposing memorial monument. The suite As Times Go Bye wittily pays tribute to Bach in four characteristic dance-rhythm movements that borrow their material from Bach preludes (and the B-A-C-H motif) reinvented from a temporal remove that allows suggestions of jazz and Nymanesque or Dutch minimalism. Pavane takes its material from Renaissance composer Luis de Milan (1500-1561), pairing the saxophone with the plangent tones of the cor anglais, respectfully transcribing the original material in new colours. Berlin Punk is the exact opposite of this genteel, civilised music. Its five movements capture the raucous, anarchic energy of divided, tense post-war Berlin, fertile ground for the emergence of underground punk music clubs and all manner of excesses. The music draws on the raw energy of this uncouth brand of rock music without emulating it , though the rough screaming required of the soloists evokes the crude instrumental and vocal performance of the original punk bands. This is not unsophisticated music, though; the despairing rejection of society, and the revolt against oppressive authority that fueled the punk movement are suggested in uneasy, unstable, obsessive and utterly bleak episodes of contrasting introspection. clair-obscur Saxophone Quartet, Dominik Wollenweber (cor anglais), Choir “Tebe Poem” Krasnoyarsk, Siberian State Symphony Orchestra; Vladimir Lande.


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