PIERRE-OCTAVE FERROUD (1900-1936): Violin Sonata in F (First Complete Recording), FRANCIS POULENC (1899-1963): Violin Sonata, MAURICE RAVEL (1875-1937): Violin Sonata No. 2.

Catalogue Number: 02T047

Label: Accentus Music

Reference: ACC 30436

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: I don’t know what they mean by “first complete recording” since I  have no other recording of this 1929 sonata by the tragically short-lived Ferroud to compare it to (nor is there another in the catalogues) but collectors of Parisian music of this period may want this attractive piece whose brisk outer movements, not unlike Prokofiev or Stravinsky, enclose a haunting, nocturnal slow movements with echoes of Bartók and Ravel, even if they have to take another dose of standard repertoire along with it.


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