MARTIN SCHERBER (1907-1974): Symphony No. 1 in D Minor (Bratislava Symphony Orchestra; Adriano), Lieder: 7 Goethelieder, So schön war jene Stunde, 2 Lieder, Großer Kinderliederzyklus, Kleiner Kinderliederzyklus, 3 Lieder (Thomas Heyer [tenor], Lars Jönsson, Hedayet Djeddikar [piano]).

Catalogue Number: 02T008

Label: Sterling

Reference: CDS 1113-2

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: This 28-minute, single-movement symphony dates from 1938. We can say just what we said in December of 2001 when his third symphony was issued by col legno and we will, since Scherber didn’t change: “The whole work develops from the very Brucknerian figure with which the piece opens but, unlike the Austrian composer, Scherber uses a complicated metamorphosis technique in which that figure is transformed over the entire course of the symphony”. No one sounds more like Bruckner than this, which means that maybe some of the 40 songs which take up the remaining 43 minutes of this disc, from as early as 1930 and as late as 1950, might sound like Bruckner if he had written Lieder (or maybe not). But no one’s going to buy this for the songs and even the booklet concedes the point since the ten pages of English notes (very good, interesting and well-translated; you can even get the “unabridged” version online!) say nothing about them. German-English texts.


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