LUCA LOMBARDI (b.1945): Piano Works - Wiederkehr, Albumblätter, Variazioni su “Avanti popolo alla riscossa” (Giancarlo Cardini), Divertimento (Alessandra Gentile), 8 Saluti (Alessandra Ammara).

Catalogue Number: 02S084

Label: Continuo Records

Reference: CR115

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Despite formidable avant-garde credentials - the composers he studied with in Köln reads like a Who's Who of the avant garde of the time - Lombardi has striven for clarity and accessibility in his piano music throughout his career, perhaps because of his strong views on political and social matters (his thesis was on Eisler, and he was both student and colleague of Rzewski, for example). This is not to suggest that his music is in any way backward looking, however. With the exception of the attractive, early Divertimento - three rather Stravinskyan miniatures - even his frequent use of tonality is often obscured by unorthodox figuration, as in the little tributes to various friends and colleagues, all based on their dedicatees' musical monogrammes. Parts of the Variations, premiered by Rzewski and written two years after his 'People United', resemble that work, though Lombardi's piece is more fragmented and in places its extracted gestures from the theme are distorted almost to atonal unrecognizability. Wiederkehr consists entirely of such gestures, but here presented sequentially in crystalline textures.


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