FRANCESCO CILEA (1866-1950): Complete Piano Music - 3 piccoli pezzi, Chanson du rouet, Op. 4, Canto del mattino, Op. 5, La petite coquette, Op. 9: Air de danse, Impromptu à la Mazurka, Op. 10, Aria campestre, Flatterie, Op. 11, Mazurka, Op. 14, Badinage, Op. 15, Berceuse, Op. 20, Notturno, Op. 22, Seconda danza, Op. 26, 3 petits morceaux, Op. 28, 3 pezzi, Op. 29, Gocce di rugiada, Op. 33, Au village, Op. 34, Mazurka, Op. 35, Valse, Op. 36, Foglio d'album, Op. 41, Suite (Vecchio stile), Op. 42, Foglio d'album, Op. 41, Fuga reale, 3 pezzi, Op. 43, 2 pezzi, Scherzo, Scherzando, Danza Calabrese, Impromptu, Mazurka, Preludio, Vespero, Foglio d'album, Invocazione, Serenata a dispetto, Danza, Four Hands Works:  Untitled in a, Chansonette, Op. 31, Sentiment poétique, Amour joyeux, Op. 37, Idillio and Alla Gavotta from Suite for Orchestra.

Catalogue Number: 02S054

Label: Brilliant Classics

Reference: 95318

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: The shavings from an operatic master’s workbench: most pieces are around three minutes long, but all capture a mood with the deft touch of an experienced writer for the stage with meticulous handling of his material and delight in showing off certain features of timbre and harmony. 2 CDs. Pier Paolo Vincenzi (piano), Marco Gaggini (four hands).


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