Swiss Flute Sonatas

JOSEPH LAUBER (1864-1952): Sonata in una Parte, Op. 50, PAUL JUON (1872-1940): Flute Sonata, Op. 78, RAFFAELE D’ALESSANDRO (1911-1959): Flute Sonata, Op. 46/1, 4 pièces brèves, Op. 42.

Catalogue Number: 02S051

Label: Pan Classics

Reference: PC 10193

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Juon’s 1923 sonata, the longest work here at 25 minutes, just bursts with color and personality with the flute writing sometimes suggesting flashes of Impressionism in the composer’s predominantly late Romantic style. Lauber’s sonata comes from 1933 and although nominally in a single movement, is really a series of neo-baroque dance episodes. d’Alessandro’s sonata and three of his four pièces come from the war turning-point year of 1942 but this is Switzerland and the music is bright, calm and elegant and crystalline in its classicistic style. Thomas Strässle (flute), Christian Zaugg (piano).


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