PETER SCULTHORPE (1929-2014): The ABC Recordings - Disc 1: Sun Music I, Sun Music II, Sun Music III, Sun Music IV, Irkanda IV (w/Leonard Dommett [violin]), Small Town (Melbourne Symphony rchestra; John Hopkins. rec. 1976-77), Piano Concerto (Anthony Fogg [piano], Melbourne SO; Myer Fredman. rec. 1983), Disc 2: Earth Cry, Irkanda IV (w/Donald Hazelwood [violin]), Small Town, Kakadu, Mangrove (Sydney Symphony Orchestra; Stuart Challender. rec. 1989-90), CD 3: Port Essington, First Sonata for Strings, Lament, Second Sonata for Strings, Third Sonata for Strings (Jabiru Dreaming), Irkanda IV (w/Richard Tognetti [violin]) (Australian Chamber Orchestra; Richard Tognetti. rec. 1995-96]), Disc 4: Memento mori, Sun Song, Sun Music I, Sun Music II, Sun Music III, Sun Music IV, From Uluru (Adelaide Symphony Orchestra; David Porcelijn. rec. 1995-96), CD 5: Little Nourlangie (w/David Drury [organ]), Music for Japan (w/Mark Atkins [didjeridu]), Piano Concerto (Tamara-Anna Cislowska [piano]), The Song of Tailitnama (Kirsti Harms [mezzo]) (Sydney Symphony Orchestra; Edo de Waart. rec. 1996), Disc 6: Port Arthur: In memoriam (2 versions), Djilile, The Fifth Continent (Peter Sculthorpe [speaker], Barbara Jane Gilby [violin], David Pereira [cello], Vanessa Souter [harp], Bruce Lamont [trumpet], Joseph Ortuso [oboe], Mark Atkins [didjeridu]), Lament (w/Sue-Ellen Paulsen [cello]), Little Suite, Night-Song. (Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra; David Porcelijn. rec. 1996-97), CD 7: My Country Childhood, Earth Cry (abridged version), Great Sandy Island, New Norcia, Quamby (chamber orchestra version) (Adelaide Symphony Orchestra; James Judd. rec. 2000), CD 8: Cello Dreaming (Sue-Ellen Paulsen [cello]), Quamby (large orchestra version), Nourlangie (w/Karin Schaupp [guitar]), From Tabuh Tabuhan (Music for Bali) (Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra; Richard Mills. rec. 2002-03), CD 9: Earth Cry, Mangrove, Songs of Sea and Sky, Kakadu, From Ubirr (William Barton [didgeridu], Queensland Symphony Orchestra; Michael Christie. rec. 2003), Disc 10:  Requiem (Adelaide Chamber Singers, William Barton [didgeridu], Adelaide Symphony Orchestra; Arvo Volmer. rec. 2005), DVD (PAL): The composer surveys his life and career as seen through the prism of his string quartets. Goldner String Quartet. 16:9 widescreen. Dolby Digital Stereo. PAL (will play in most computers). 76 min.

Catalogue Number: 02R042

Label: ABC Classics

Reference: 481 1293

Format: CD

Price: $75.98

No Longer Available

Description: A valuable and inexpensive collection of all the orchestral recordings (1976-2005) made by Australia’s flagship classical label of Australia’s most famous and important composer of the 20th century. Ther are multiple recordings (the first disc seems to have been mastered from LPs) of many works but some are later revisions with added didgeridu and revisions for chamber orchestra and there are some pieces rarely recorded. 10 CDs.


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