MACIEJ ZIELINSKI (b.1971): V Symphony, Elemen T.

Catalogue Number: 02P098

Label: Dux

Reference: 0988

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: V Symphony - pronounced 'vee' - takes as its point of departure the various interpretations of the letter V, especially as applied to a symphony. '5' is also implied, so the work makes reference to Beethoven's 5th, the work has 5 movements, many gestures occur in groups of 5, and so on. The piece also has a symmetrical structure - like a letter V - the note-row that provides the material for the large central movement descends and ascends in a v shape, etc. The geometrical structure may bring Panufnik to mind (as does a driving, fanfare-punctuated episode in the middle movement), but Zielinski's idiom is less tonal, closer to Lutoslawski overall, but not generally approaching the Polish avant garde of the 1960s and 70s, though there are some impressively sonorous passages en passant. There are some ironic post-modern elements as well - imitations of electronic effects, 'accidental' noises used structurally, the imitation of an interrupting cellphone - and various ambiguous layers of 'meaning' hinting that this is a kind of 'symphony about a symphony'. The three pieces of Elemen T explore the musical structures suggested by the titles; the first a layered, tense prelude based on a terse tone-row; the second a somber lament, the 'NY' referring to post-9/11 New York; the third a study in sonorous texture. Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra; Lukasz Borowicz.


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