SYLVANO BUSSOTTI (b.1931): Quattro Pianoforte for 4 Pianos, 12 Folie d'après François Couperin le grand for Violin and Piano, La vergine ispirata for Harpsichord and Other Keyboards, PER TRE sul piano for 3 Pianos, Bartók-Busoni, capriccio di 34 mikrokosmos for Piano, Olof Palme for Piano, Le pietre di Venezia for Piano.

Catalogue Number: 02P084

Label: Stradivarius

Reference: STR 33952

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: The always-inventive Bussotti demonstrates his range of expression and ability to surprise, delight and - somewhat of a rarity for composers of this formidable a level of modernity of aesthetic - entertain, in this collection of works featuring pianos in various combinations. The Couperin transcription is both faithful and intermittently eyebrow-raisingly inappropriate; in some works the extended techniques (Sometimes further enhanced electronically) almost obscure the identity of the instruments; meticulous graphic notation is combined with varying degrees of indeterminacy. Sylvano Bussotti (piano, harpsichord), Aldo Orvieto, Ciro Longobardi, Giovanni Mancuso, Debora Petria (pianos), Carlo Lazari (violin), Claudio Ambrosini (inside piano), Alvise Vidolin (live elecronics).


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